We picked the most underrated player on all 32 NFL teams: Why a few names might surprise you

There are many accolades available for good NFL players, ranging from All-Pro votes and Pro Bowl appearances to just getting attention with videos on Twitter and Instagram highlighting their best plays.

But not every good NFL player gets the accolades he deserves.

Below, the staff of Football Outsiders — Scott Spratt (AFC East), Robert Weintraub (AFC North), J.P. Acosta (AFC South), Mike Tanier (AFC West), Rivers McCown (NFC East), Derrik Klassen (NFC North), Bryan Knowles (NFC South) and Vincent Verhei (NFC West) — highlight some of those underrated players, one from each NFL team, heading into the 2022 season. From a couple of fairly well-known quarterbacks to the linemen who make a quarterback’s job easier, we argue these 32 players deserve more recognition.

Now, underrated can mean a couple of things. It could refer to a good player conventional wisdom tells us is mediocre, or it could refer to a useful player who doesn’t receive the star treatment from NFL fans. Our list below includes both.

Many of the advanced stats referenced below, such as DVOA and DYAR, are explained here, and others, including coverage success rate, are explained here.

Let’s start with the underrated players out of the AFC East:

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