Yankees’ Aaron Boone unloads more F-bombs after an ejection

Yankees manager Aaron Boone was ejected Friday night for arguing balls and strikes. He didn’t deliver a viral line like “savages in the line” this time, but he made sure the F-bombs returned.

Boone could be heard throughout an empty Yankee Stadium cursing out home plate umpire John Tumpane, who called Aaron Judge out on strikes on a pitch that was clearly below the zone and called another low pitch a strike on the next batter, Aaron Hicks.

The show began after Tumpane gave Boone the thumb.

“Just because you f—ing kicked the first one, don’t keep kicking it,” Boone yelled as he walked out to meet Tumpane. “Kicked,” in baseball parlance, is akin to “blowing” or “messing up” a play or call.

Boone even incorporated profanity while complimenting Marlins starter Sandy Alcantara for his “good f—ing” sinker. “Those pitches are not f—ing strkes,” Boone said as he struggled to keep his pinstriped gaiter from sliding off his face. Good thing he isn’t coaching in the NFL. 

“Get it the f— together. This s— matters,” Boone also told Tumpane. The Yankees were playing for home-field advantage in the first round of the American League playoffs. The Marlins were trying to clinch a berth in the National League playoffs.

Last year, Boone unleashed “savages in the box,” a defense of his hitters, while he cursed out umpire Brennan Miller following an ejection. The phrase became internet-famous, with T-shirts made to memorialize it. MLB suspended Boone for a game and the manager apologized for cursing.

He might have to go through the same routine this weekend.

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