Oilers’ Connor McDavid on Colby Cave: ‘It’s devastating news’

The Edmonton Oilers on Tuesday announced forward Colby Cave had been placed in a medically-induced coma due to a brain bleed. He underwent emergency surgery earlier this week to remove a colloid cyst that was causing pressure on his brain. 

Cave’s teammate Connor McDavid spoke about the tragedy for the first time on Thursday in a conference call with reporters. 

“Obviously, this is devastating news,” McDavid said. “I just think Colby is such a strong guy. He’s a good Saskatchewan boy so he’s as tough as they come. If anyone’s going to get through it, it’s going to be Colby Cave, but I think that all the fans out there, everyone just needs to keep Colby, Emily, his wife, and the entire family in their thoughts and prayers and just send out good vibes for them because, I mean, that’s all we can do.”

Cave joined Edmonton from Boston last season and has played 44 games for the Oilers. He’s scored three goals in that time and endeared himself to his locker room.

The positive impression the 25-year-old has made on those around him has added to the emotional response he’s received from players such as McDavid.

“You know, we’re all stuck inside so we can just think and pray that he comes out of this and pray that the family can get through it as well, because I can’t imagine how hard it is on them as well. Obviously it’s devastating and Colby’s a guy that is so well-liked in our dressing room,” McDavid said. “I’m sure he’s been so well-liked in any room he’s been in because he’s such a good guy. There’s no real way to say and express how you’re feeling about it, but it’s devastating and you just pray that he wakes up and the family is OK.” 

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