The Top Football Transfers We Are Seeing And Expecting in 2021

With such a boring 2020 year in the football scene, we are expecting some major action this year. A lot of movement is ahead of us, and we are not sure who is going to end up where. What will the dynamics be like this year? What’s the next outrage? In this post, we are going to provide you with everything we know about 2021 and explain to you what that might mean to the football world.



Who doesn’t want this guy on his team? Nicknamed “The Terminator”, he earned that name for a very good reason. Being at the pinnacle of human athleticism and toughness, this Norwegian player has many opportunities this year. Erling is only 20 years old and is considered one of the most prominent football figures of his generation. Perhaps the next best striker of all time, Haaland is full of confidence in his future career. His bursting style on the field is unmatched by any other player, and the precision of each time he touches the ball is beyond any belief.

Eager to capitalize on any opportunity on the field, this guy knows how to do anything. Headers, longshots, you name it. Carrying a true team spirit, he reads the field in a matter of seconds, and always relies on his instincts. With his large body-size, he is a mighty distraction for any other setup. Also noted as a great reference, he could always secure the ball using his strength and precision.

One of the other remarkable differences about him is how little fouls he has given into. Mostly remaining upright and stable, he is known for quickly turning any confusing scenario into a good case for a Godly sprint- some have measured his speed to reach as much as 34 km/h. That’s a reading that’s getting pretty close to the fastest man on Earth, 44 km/h. Being the sharpest player on the field, his swift and elusive movements carry him out of harm’s way.

So Where Is He Heading?

Chelse’s top decision-maker, Abramovich, stated that he will do whatever it takes to secure Haaland this year. How true will this turn out to be, giving that Real Madrid pledged to pay a lofty sum of 150million euros? What will happen to this world if Madrid gets both Haaland and Mbappe? Perhaps that will be the end of all tournaments.

Not only these two majors want to secure the appraised player. Manchester United and plenty of other European clubs have been willing to take the Norwegian superstar on. Only time will tell how the matter settles in the end.


Christian is just two years older than Haaland, with his list of achievements being no shorter than his Norwegian rival(Christian is American himself). If Chelsea acquires Haaland on the other hand, they will play under the same Blue banner. His transfer cost 73 million dollars, which would be less than half of what Roman Abramovich is willing to pay for Haaland, and that is saying something still.

Interestingly enough, Pulisic played for Dortmund early in his career, where The Terminator is currently located. Aren’t that enough coincidences about these two already? Being described as a player who is not affected at all by pressure, Christian is the kind of guy you can count on in the field. A flightless decision-maker on the field, we believe that Pulisic has still a lot to show for.

As of lately struggling at Chelsea, it is believed that Liverpool wants to take him in soon, as he would suit them quite well with his particular play style. He is the swiftest of all, and he keeps being agile even after hours of play. The club is also eying for another American, so that the potential duo may do fine with each other.

Moves That Already Took Place

Apart from the two rising starts we have discussed so far, we have already seen some moving to the best Japanese players all over the world. With Takesufa Kubo transferring, Shinji Kagawa without a contract, and Shoya Najakima moving as well, this will be an interesting playing year. To read more about these 3 players visit our local source, which has just published an incredible article on the subject.

Closing Thoughts

To say the least, this is just the beginning. We are watching so many transfers get finalized every moment, it’s almost impossible to keep up with it. Don’t believe us? Check out the official data by ESPN.