Abu Dhabi Grand Prix LIVE: Hamilton and Verstappen fight for the title

Abu Dhabi Grand Prix LIVE: Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen go toe-to-toe one last time as epic duel reaches conclusion with world championship on the line

  • Lewis Hamilton has surged back in recent weeks and is chasing an eighth title 
  • Max Verstappen qualified in pole position and drama is almost guaranteed 
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  • Latest Formula One news, including live action and results

Here we are then. The entire Formula One season comes down to the final race and it is shaping up to be an epic conclusion. 

This season has been all about the duel between Max Verstappen, who starts on pole today, and Lewis Hamilton, gunning for an eighth world championship.  

Will the Brit pull it off and overtake Michael Schumacher’s tally of seven or is it to be his Dutch rival winning a maiden crown?

Follow Sportsmail’s DANIEL DAVIS for live coverage of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, including build-up, lap-by-lap updates and result as Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen battle for the title.  

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Here is how the grid has shaped up for this afternoon’s blockbuster.

There is one change at the bottom, though. Haas’ Nikita Mazepin has tested positive for Covid-19, so will not be racing.

Lando Norris delivered a superb lap in Q3 to take third, and how Red Bull’s race goes may well depend on how quickly Sergio Perez gets ahead of him.

Valtteri Bottas is back in sixth, behind Carlos Sainz, so it is shaping up to be a two-horse race between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton.

You really wouldn’t know all their hard work this season has come down to this race.

People inside the paddock have described both Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton as being incredibly relaxed, despite what’s at stake.

Both drivers deserve so much credit for the entertainment they have provided in their title tussle, so let’s hope for a clean resolution.

In just a few minutes, we’ll take a look at how the whole grid will look… 

Good morning, F1 fans! What a day this promises to be.

After 21 races across a jaw-dropping, drama-filled season, it has all come down to this.

It’s Max Verstappen v Lewis Hamilton at the finale in Abu Dhabi. Wow.

They will line up together on the front row, with the Red Bull man on pole. Expect chaos, strategies and maybe even a crash.

It’s lights out in just over an hour, so get set…

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