Daniel Ricciardo has ‘Lando Norris tattoo’ on neck in unusual McLaren bet

Daniel Ricciardo turned up to a Formula One press conference with a “ridiculous” tattoo of McLaren teammate Lando Norris’ face on his neck.

Ricciardo and his fellow drivers arrived at Monza ahead of this weekend’s Italian Grand Prix, where reporters quickly spotted that the fun-loving F1 star had a tattoo on his neck. The Aussie was asked to explain the bizarre ink before confirming it was in fact British driver Norris’ face.

He said: “I want to cover this. This is ridiculous. I have Lando’s face on my neck. He looks sunburnt! We did a little thing this morning with the team. Oh gosh.”

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“He’s got a few on him as well, so. You’ll see later, I’m sure,” Ricciardo added. Norris later revealed a stunning honey badger tattoo on the side of his neck in honour of his teammate's nickname, along with a burning heart which read ‘Love hurts’ following his recent break-up.

The duo appear to be on good terms despite a potential rift that could have been formed when Norris admitted he was “not surprised” at the Australian being axed by McLaren for next season due to a loss of form.

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Norris said about Ricciardo’s departure: “'It’s not me having a dig or anything but when you look at the results, if you want two people to be at the same level then you’re not surprised.

“People will probably hate for saying it but it’s difficult because I never know if I might encounter that in the future with this car or with a different team or whatever, so I never want to contradict myself going into the future, but I’ve just got to focus on my driving.”

He later clarified his controversial comments and rubbished talk of tension between the two teammates ahead of a race where they completed a famous 1-2 last year.

Norris said: “I want to be friends with as many people as possible, similar to how I am now with Daniel. We get on really well. For some reason people think otherwise, but this is completely untrue.

“We have a lot of fun together, we spend a lot of time together. But just things are different, probably because he’s a bit older and he’s into different things.”


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