F1 bad boy Nikita Mazepin to compete without Russian flag or use national anthem

Nikita Mazepin will be competing in Formula One this season without the Russian flag or use of the national anthem.

Mazepin, who is often in the news for the wrong reasons, will have his debut season in F1 with Haas.

The 21-year-old has previously been fined for running a red light while also having to apologise following an inappropriate social media video.

Though it’s sporting politics that means he will not be able to represent Russia this year.

The CAS decided last year that Russia will not be allowed to participate in sporting events for the next two years following a doping case.

The punishment is primarily to keep Russia out of the Olympics, though Russian athletes are allowed to compete under a neutral flag.

Mazepin has previously told of his belief that Russian drivers competing in Formula 1 have a harder time than others.

He recently told Russian TV program Match TV: “There are certain reasons, which have nothing to do with the world of speed, for which I am treated differently.

“I am used to criticism and I have no problems with it.

“Other Russian drivers, all at the highest level, professionals in all situations, have heard criticism that was not deserved. But life is like that.

“The fact that Russians are treated differently does not surprise me.

“All Russian drivers receive these criticisms, this hatred.

“Am I prepared for this? It is part of life. If you want to run, you need to face things like that.”

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