Hamilton phoned bitter F1 rival Max Verstappen after Silverstone crash

Lewis Hamilton reveals he phoned bitter F1 rival Max Verstappen after their crash at Silverstone because he wanted to ‘break the ice’ to avoid future accidents… before Dutchman smashed into his head in Italy!

  • Lewis Hamilton revealed he reached out to Max Verstappen after crash in July
  • The pair collided at 180mph at Copse corner on opening lap of British Grand Prix 
  • Bitter F1 title rivals then crashed at the Italian Grand Prix just two months later 
  • Verstappen’s Red Bull car’s wheel landed on Hamilton’s head on lap 26 at Monza

Lewis Hamilton has revealed he spoke to title rival Max Verstappen over the phone following their crash at the British Grand Prix earlier this year.

The Mercedes and Red Bull drivers have been locked in a fierce battle this season as they both look to claim the world title.

The pair collided at 180mph at Copse corner on the opening lap of the Silverstone race back in July and the Brit has opened up on the incident and disclosed that he reached out to Verstappen.

Lewis Hamilton (L) has revealed he phoned rival Max Verstappen (R) after Silverstone collision

The British Grand Prix got off to an explosive start when Hamilton and Verstappen crashed

Hamilton and Verstappen collided at 180mph on the opening lap at British Grand Prix in July

‘I called him after Silverstone, but, again, I don’t mean to be patronising, but I am much older. I’m much older and it was important for me to call and to be able to break the ice,’ he told ESPN.

‘I feel he’s a tremendous talent and I am enjoying racing with him. Do I agree with everything he does? It doesn’t even matter.

‘What matters is that he does him and he will learn, and all I can control is what I do and how I handle things.’

Verstappen hit the tyre barrier at 51G and was given the all-clear after spending six hours in a hospital in Coventry.

Seven-time world champion Hamilton received a 10-second penalty after he was judged ‘predominantly at fault’ for the accident, but he recovered to win in front of 140,000 fans.

The crash at Silverstone sparked a row with Verstappen tweeting from hospital that his rival was ‘disrespectful’ and ‘unsportsmanlike’. 

The bitter title rivals then crashed at the Italian Grand Prix in Monza just two months later 

Hamilton was saved from serious injury by the protective Halo device on his Mercedes

The rear end of Verstappen’s Red Bull came within inches of Hamilton’s head after collision

Verstappen’s Red Bull flies over Hamilton’s Mercedes after they collided jostling for position

Just two months later and the pair were involved in a horror crash at the Italian Grand Prix.

The drivers collided on lap 26 at Monza, with the Red Bull car’s wheel landing on Hamilton’s head. 

The Briton was almost certainly saved from serious injury by the Halo safety device, a titanium bar placed above the driver’s head that has been mandatory in Formula One since 2018.

In an increasingly heated world championship duel the two drivers both accused the other of being in the wrong after the race, with Hamilton saying Verstappen ‘knew what was going to happen, but he still did it.’

Hamilton has also conceded that he has to be careful in ‘certain scenarios’ with the Dutchman to avoid future accidents.

‘I’ve had to back out of certain scenarios with Max because otherwise we are going to crash, and I’m just like, ‘I’ll beat him in another way,”’ he added.

‘I think, ‘If I can just survive this corner, I will challenge and fight him another way, stay close, use strategy and all these different things.’

Hamilton is currently two points ahead of bitter rival Verstappen with the Turkish Grand Prix up next this weekend.

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