‘I got Bubba’d’: NASCAR’s Clint Bowyer, Bubba Wallace feud over iRacing crash

Sometimes the heat of video game battle brings out some very real comments.

That seems to be what happened on Sunday between NASCAR drivers Clint Bowyer and Bubba Wallace when an iRacing Pro Series crash between them led to a back-and-forth that seemed to carry a hint of personal undertone.

Fifteen laps into the competition at virtual Bristol Motor Speedway, Wallace was involved in his second wreck of the afternoon, getting bumped hard by Bowyer’s vehicle. The incident caused Wallace to rage-quit the simulator — a move that drew criticism from some fans on Twitter — and led to Bowyer commenting on Wallace’s driving style in biting jest (even though it appeared Bowyer struck Wallace on purpose at the end of the coming together).

“I got Bubba’d,” Bowyer told the Fox telecast. “These guys forget it’s an 150-lap race. Come on, Bubba! Stupid thing.”

This is why I don’t take this s— seriously,” Wallace said on his live stream before quitting. “Peace out!”

Wallace went on to expand on his thoughts on Twitter, expressing bemusement at the hate he received for exiting early.

“Bahaha. A video game,” Wallace wrote about the stakes of the event. “Damn quarantine life is rough.”

Like any video game feud, Bowyer and Wallace will probably get over it soon. These things happen — just not usually on national TV.

Each competitor will likely be at it again on iRacing next Sunday.

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