Lando Norris girlfriend: Who ‘dumped’ Lando – ‘I’ve got a broken heart’

Lando Norris test drives the McLaren Elva during development

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At 21, Lando Norris is a Formula One rising star, and in 2021 he celebrates his third year driving with McLaren. Like most drivers, the British racer has admitted to feeling the heat sometimes. He has previously said: “Sometimes you need a little bit of luck, sometimes things have to go very well for you to score podiums and things like that. But if we can just do it on success and do it through our own merit, that makes it even sweeter.”

Norris once said he suffered from a “broken heart” before the Styrian Grand Prix in 2020.

He complained of feeling pain in his chest after getting behind the driver’s seat for a practice run.

However, he remained in good humour, quipping he was suffering from a “broken heart”.

His team did not detail the cause of his injury, with people left to wait until the next race to find out.

Norris said his injury came from a lack of practice on the track.

He said: “It’s a broken heart. I got dumped.

“It was just bruising, from being out of the car for so long, basically.

“Then getting back into it and threading through a race weekend, doing so many laps and so on.”

“It wasn’t something that I could really prepare for or know about.

“After we did the first weekend, obviously, having a few days off in between, it then hit my body a few days later.

He added: “But it’s just a bruise and that was it.”

The 21-year-old Bristolian rarely speaks about his personal life and has not revealed if he is currently dating anyone.

But he has spoken at length about how he prefers to spend his spare time.

The podium winner started his racing career with his dad, who played Gran Turismo when he was younger, and he has grown up as an avid gaming fan.

He told BBC Sounds last week: “When I was four or five years old, my dad used to play Gran Turismo.

“He never really got to do any racing himself – he was a cyclist – but he loved racing.”

“Growing up, watching him, I eventually got to the point where I wanted to beat him, so then I became very competitive and got into racing.”

Norris now captains an esports team, having played online during racing suspensions last year.

His team, named Quadrant, has led him to team up with other top streamers online.

While other F1 drivers such as Indycar driver Romain Grosjean have set up racing only teams, Norris hopes to compete across the gaming spectrum

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