Lewis Hamilton explains his cameo appearance in blockbuster movie

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As well as being one of the most successful Formula 1 drivers of all time, Lewis Hamilton has cultivated a reputation that extends far beyond racing. That profile promises to serve the seven-time world champion well when the time comes to retire.

Not content waiting until then to launch his post-F1 fame, however, Hamilton has already made his Hollywood debut. And it seemed like fate that the 37-year-old’s first foray into cinema came in the 2011 hit, Cars 2.

Given he feels at home on four wheels, it’s fitting Disney Pixar transformed the motorsport king into a car version of himself. Hamilton is one of the first characters to welcome lead Lightning McQueen (voiced by Owen Wilson) and Jeff Gorvette (voiced by NASCAR legend Jeff Gordon) to Tokyo for the World Grand Prix opening ceremony.

And the Mercedes marvel discussed his cameo while speaking to Sky Sports in the build-up to Sunday’s Miami Grand Prix, where he finished sixth. The racing star was asked about his film flirtation as he sat alongside NFL legend Tom Brady while the pair participated in a charity golf event.

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He was reminded of his role as ‘Grandpa Lewis’ in a 2016 advert for Allianz before delving into his blockbuster role. “That was kind of easy, being an old man,” said the Silver Arrows ace. “I’ve done a couple of little small bits, I did a little cameo in Cars 2.”

Hamilton drew a blank when asked who would play him on screen if not himself, instead shifting the focus onto Brady. ‘TB12’ is set to produce and star in the Paramount comedy 80 for Brady, a film about four senior women who make a pilgrimage to the 2017 Super Bowl.


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Hamilton has said in the past he “would love to” delve into cinema when his racing commitments are over. Opposite to his work in the Cars franchise, however, the Briton has also touched on his desire to explore his range away from motors.

Rumours have suggested an appearance in the Fast and Furious series would make for an easy fit. Not one to necessarily do things the simple way, however, Hamilton’s next taste of Hollywood could cast him in a very different light.

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