Max Verstappen gives new view on Lewis Hamilton incident

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Max Verstappen has given his take on the incident with Lewis Hamilton at the Brazilian GP. The Dutchman was beaten by the Brit in a superb race and saw his lead at the top of driver’s championship reduced to 14 points.

After his rear wing was found to have breached F1’s technical regulations, the defending champion was sent to the back of the grid for the sprint race.

Starting the sprint from P20, Hamilton carved his way through 15 cars in 24 laps, qualifying P5 for the race, but due to a new engine being placed in his car, he was handed a five-place grid penalty, meaning he began the race in 10th.

The Brit had a dream start, as he made his way up into the 5th after just two laps, before teammate Valtteri Bottas let him through to go up into fourth.

He soon overtook Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz before hunting down Sergio Perez in an entertaining duel, before pouncing on rival and race leader Verstappen on lap 48, heading towards Turn 4.

With Hamilton on the outside, Verstappen failed to make the corner, leading the seven-time world champion into the run-off area as well as his own car.

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The 36-year-old eventually passed his arch rival en route to win the race, but his previous attempt was met with much scrutiny due to Verstappen’s role in the incident.

Mercedes were in uproar when it was decided that no punishment would be taken on Verstappen.

Now that on-board footage has been released, Mercedes requested a review and race stewards will take a closer look at the footage and determine whether a punishment will be handed down to Verstappen.

Now he has offered his take on the incident, and states he had yet another “great battle” with the motorsport legend. 

“I didn’t need to look at the footage as I was driving the car, so I know exactly what happened,” Verstappen explained.

“Last time out I thought it was a great battle and I had a lot of fun out there as well, at the end of the day they won the race, fair enough, they were faster than us.”

After looking at the footage himself, Hamilton has adjudged the Red Bull racer to be at fault for the incident, but didn’t think give much thought to it during the race.

“I think the reason at the time I would say [what I said] is that’s the mentality you have to take,” the 36-year-old said.

“If you sit in the car at the moment and complain it will only hold you back, so in the moment I just had to keep moving forwards and also it’s difficult to judge on something that you’ve not seen all the angles.

“I re-looked at it and I have a different viewpoint naturally now, but I’m just putting all my energy into setting up the car and making sure that I’m in the right headspace this weekend, so I’ve not really given anything to it.”

The pair will go head to head in the third race of an epic triple header at Qatar’s first ever GP this weekend.

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