Max Verstappen risks F1 ban if clashes with Lewis Hamilton continue in 2022

Reigning Formula One World Champion Max Verstappen is at risk of a one-race ban in 2022 due to the amount of penalty points he has on his FIA super licence.

The Dutchman currently has seven points on his licence, where there is a limit of 12 points across a 12 month period, and the first of those won't expire until September.

The 24-year-old picked up his penalties towards the end of his ultimately successful battle against Mercedes rival Lewis Hamilton, and will need to go 16 races without getting a further five points.

Should he reach the limit, he will earn an automatic one-race ban, after which the points on his licence will be reset to zero as the new 12 month process begins.

Back in December, Verstappen revealed that he will run with the No.1 on his car as he aims to secure a World Championship title defence.

He said: "Yeah I will run it.

"How many times can you do that? I don’t know, maybe it’s the only time I can in my life. It’s the best number out there. So I will definitely put it on the car."

It will be the first time any car will run with the number for a full season since Sebastian Vettel did so following his fourth successive title in 2013.

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Mercedes boss Toto Wolff said the same month that he is in constant contact with the disappointed Hamilton, who has been linked with retirement after his heartbreaking end to the season.

Wolff said: "He won the World Championship until the last lap, and then everything is taken away from you from one second [to the next]. Of course you lose faith because you can't understand what has just happened.

"The silence is there, of course, because he simply lacks words as well."

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