Will Haas stay in F1? 2020 latest and more with Gunther Steiner

Gunther Steiner said on the Sky F1 Vodcast that he believes Haas are “here to stay” in Formula 1 – despite fears over finances and Gene Haas’ recent admission that the project may not continue long-term.

Steiner, the Haas team boss who has become somewhat of an internet sensation since the release of F1’s Netflix series, covered several light-hearted topics during his appearance on the latest Vodcast – such as what the F1 meetings are really like – but was also asked about his team’s future in the sport.

Gene Haas, the American outfit’s founder and owner, claimed before the planned start of F1 2020 that a poor opening to the campaign could dictate whether he decides to keep the team running.

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Losing out on income due to a lack of racing – the season’s first nine races have been called off – likely won’t have helped that change that viewpoint.

But Steiner, who joined Sky F1’s Martin Brundle, David Croft and Rachel Brookes on the Vodcast, said: “I think we are here to stay.

“For sure we have to see out this scenario but if we can get in what the plan is now [18 races], we are good for the year.

“I’m in touch with Gene almost every day, he wants to be involved with what is happening, and he seems to be in a good place.

“We just need to be diligent. The budget cap, all this brings the teams together and being competitive will help. So I think we are here to stay.”

Steiner also revealed to Sky Sports News’ Craig Slater that “if we find solutions for the mid and long-term [then Gene Haas] is happy”.

“We need to come up with solutions which I think we are. If we do he wants to keep on going racing.”

What are the F1 meetings really like?

Steiner also provided an intriguing insight into the latest F1 meetings on scheduling, cost-cap and more – which are happening weekly between various key personnel.

“There’s about 25 people,” he said. “I counted them last time! Sometimes they drag on a little bit…”

But while Steiner said the discussions are “pretty good” and “well-behaved” he wouldn’t deny that private messages are exchanged when team bosses don’t agree with what is said during the virtual meetings…

“They’re not malicious or anything, they’re just a bit of a joke!” admitted Steiner.

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