Chisora hails importance of the Springboks ahead of Rugby World Cup

Dereck Chisora hails rugby’s TMO technology and says it should be used in boxing after Daniel Dubois’ controversy… as he credits the South Africa side for ‘uniting a whole nation’ ahead of the World Cup

  • Dereck Chisora insisted rugby’s TMO technology should be used in boxing 
  • The boxing star said it had made rugby more interesting ahead of World Cup
  • Chisora also hailed the importance of the South Africa side for ‘uniting a nation’
  • Latest Rugby World Cup 2023 news, including fixtures, live scores and results

Boxing star Dereck Chisora has hailed rugby’s TMO (television match official) technology for making the sport ‘more interesting’ ahead of the World Cup – and wants to see boxing utilise video referees after controversy in Daniel Dubois’ defeat to Olesksandr Usyk.

The heavyweight star – who grew up playing rugby in his home country of Zimbabwe as a child – gave his take on the sport ahead of the tournament opener on Friday between France and New Zealand before England face Argentina in their first group stage game on Saturday.

Chisora said rugby was a more entertaining sport thanks to TMO and thinks it is needed in boxing to prevent more controversial decisions after Dubois was left feeling aggrieved after sending Usyk to the canvas with a body shot last month that was ruled as a low blow.

Chisora, who was appearing on episode one of Mail Sport’s Croqued Monsieurs: An alternative World Cup diary, said: ‘You know what I like the most about the game (rugby) now is the [TMO]. They stop and start and they actually make the game more interesting. The ref don’t take sides.

‘Even when the game is playing, you can hear the ref saying, “number 34, let him go”. The ref is talking to the players. “Don’t, do that, I’ll go down, don’t do that”.’

Boxing star Dereck Chisora has hailed TMO in rugby and wants the technology to be used in his own sport

Chisora believes TMO makes rugby more interesting and feels it can prevent injustices

He said it could be the difference between ‘a millionaire and a pauper’ after Daniel Dubois was denied victory over Oleksandr Usyk when his body shot was ruled as a low blow

‘Del Boy’ said similar technology – which is prevalent in football too – could help decide ‘if you’re going to become a millionaire or go back to being a pauper’. 

‘I think VAR is gonna come boxing to be honest with you because you have it in tennis, you’ve got it in rugby, you’ve got it in football,’ he added. 

‘But remember that this VAR in boxing would be amazing because [instead of] you winning a world title and making another £40million for your next fight, you end up losing it because the ref didn’t see the shot, or the ref thinks is a foul shot.

‘So in that second, one guy can decide if you’re gonna become a millionaire or you’re gonna go back to being a pauper. I’ve had them a lot. I mean, big time – winning fights and then fights have been given to the other people.

‘You need VAR and then you need the other two judges, three judges somewhere in the arena, scoring the fight and then they look at the other judges’ cards as well.’

Chisora also hailed the impact of the South Africa team ahead of the World Cup this week

Chisora also touched on the significance of the South Africa rugby team ahead of the World Cup and pinpointed how they ‘united a nation’ and ‘belong to Africa’.

He said South Africa had created an important legacy after Nelson Mandela inspired the famous 1995 team to win the World Cup in that year and helped change the complexion of a divided nation mired in apartheid. 

‘I think when Nelson Mandela came out of prison he wanted to unite the country – basically the whole of Africa. The only way you could unite the whole nation was through rugby, not football. Do you understand?

‘If you look at our views on Nelson Mandela, everything is about rugby for the Springboks, so it’s quite interesting. Because when the South African team go to play rugby, black and white are also supporting the team. It’s not about, “oh, you know… this is our team”. The team belongs to Africa, basically.’

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