Johns bros blue left surf star in tears

In the 90s, Newcastle legend Matty Johns and brother Andrew were famous for their off-field antics almost as much as their on-field heroics.

And Matty, the premiership-wining five-eighth turned Fox Sports star, has recalled a night where they were hanging out with their good made Matt Hoy, a champion of the local surf scene.

But things didn’t pan out entirely to plan this night and Hoy, now father to Knights rising star Tex, ended up in tears after the trio were ambushed.

Matthew & Andrew Johns were always the life of the party. Picture: News CorpSource:News Corp Australia

In isolation with Matty Johns. Don’t miss his latest podcast where Matt is joined by his wife Trish and his two rugby league-playing sons Cooper and Jack.

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We’ll let Matty take the story over.

“I remember we were out, me, Joey and Hoyo. Quite a crew,” Johns said on The Matty Johns Podcast.

“These blokes descended on Hoyo, and we had to fight them off.

“Afterwards, Hoyo was crying and I said, ‘Mate you weren’t the one copping the punches in the head’.”

Cooper Johns has marvelled at the training qualities of teammate Cameron Smith. Picture: GettySource:Getty Images

Johns was joined on the podcast by wife Trish and sons Cooper and Jack, both of whom had stories to tell about their burgeoning careers.

Cooper, who has been tipped for a big season with the Melbourne Storm, spoke of his admiration for the ‘superhuman’ training feats of all-time great Cameron Smith.

“In terms of pre-season, you look at everyone after a training session and they’re tired. Here’s a person that is never tired,” Cooper Johns said of the 36-year-old Smith.

“You never see him out of breath at all in any of the fitness, it’s a bit weird. I don’t know what it is about him, he’s like a superhuman.”

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