KFC SuperCoach champ Joe Naddaf wins $50K with more joy on way

Joe Naddaf has four kids, another on the way, and runs his own mechanic business.

Yet somehow he found enough time to study up and win $50,000 as KFC SuperCoach champion 2021.

“I’m blessed with an amazing wife,” says the mad Bulldogs fan from Earlwood. “God bless her, she’s the best. She’s my world, she’s my rock.

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“The kids go to sleep early. My wife is 8-9 months pregnant, so she falls asleep about 7-7.30pm. I go straight outside to my man cave, have few beers and watch the footy.

“All the boys come around the side gate. No-one’s ever harmed and I do my research when I can in between. On my morning walks I listen to Tommy Sangster.”

Naddaf is now $50,000 richer and also wins a heap of merchandise from SuperCoach sponsor KFC — a personalised tracksuit with his team name on the back, personalised KFC bucket trophy, voucher for free KFC (all the top 11 get these prizes), cap, socks and key ring (if you finished in the top 1011 check your inbox, then your mail box).

KFC SuperCoach winner Joe Naddaf and his family pose for a portrait at his home in Earlwood. (L-R) Anwar (6); neice Scarlett (5); Charbel (2); KFC SuperCoach winner Joe Naddaf; Marissa (3); Mary (4); and wife Rita. Picture: Flavio BrancaleoneSource:News Corp Australia


Naddaf, known as Joea1 in fantasy land, partied hard after his triumph.

“I got the phone call and within 10 minutes there was a big excavator truck with a bottle of champagne,” he said.

“The boys were going a bit crazy. I had OzTag after work, so I came home, did a few quick showers with the kids, read a quick book, went to OzTag, came home and then all the crew came over.

“We had a drink, some food, it was awesome. Plenty of support, plenty of love.”


KFC SuperCoach Editor Tom Sangster chats to 2020 champion Joe Naddaf about his road to victory and top tactics.


Naddaf came from 12th to first on a difficult final week, managing to avoid many of the key restings.

“It was a crazy week,” he said. “On the Friday morning I woke up with tonsilitis and I was MCing my cousins wedding.

“During the MCing I went back to my table to look at my phone and WhatsApp was going crazy about Cody Walker. Before that Brian Kelly scored a try. So come the end of the night, after all those scotches and MCing, I was stoked. What a night. Cody Walker, my favourite.

“A good friend of mine told me Cody Walker was on a booze ban and that the Rabbitohs were on a booze ban. So when Latrell went down I thought he would be the focal point of the attack. So I bought him for Jarome Luai, which I thought was a bit of a flop (initially), but it turned out to be a match winner.

“I had (Cameron) Munster, (Cameron) Smith, (John) Bateman and Nelson Asofa-Solomona. If any of those guys played, I probably wouldn’t have played Cody Walker. So the carnage was good.”

KFC SuperCoach winner Joe Naddaf at his home in Earlwood.Source:News Corp Australia


Naddaf had one trade going into the final round and waited until the very last game to use it.

“I was quietly confident, I had one trade left and I thought not many people would have trades left,” he said.

“My biggest conundrum was that Nicho Hynes didn’t get started and I was eager to use that last trade in the final game depending on what Zane Musgrove did. I played Musgrove out of my 17, if he jagged a 50 I would have played him.

“But in the end I made the trade, which turned out well. My last trade was either Dufty, who I ended up going with, or Papenhuyzen.”


“I started the year with both Cameron Munster and Nathan Cleary,” he said. “I looked at those positions, five-eighth and halfback, and no-one really stood out.

“I knew they’d be the best players. I bought and sold them a bunch of times — I think I bought Munster back three times …”

“And of course Nicho Hynes – how good is he on the eye? He’s a stud. Tommy Sangster loves Bryce Cartwright, but Nicho Hynes is my man crush.

KFC SuperCoach winner Joe Naddaf and with SuperCoach Editor Tom Sangster.Source:News Corp Australia


“Starting with Braidon Burns. For some reason I thought he’d go absolutely gangbusters, but he really flopped. He and Fergo (Blake Ferguson) I started off with, but I quickly went to Mansour and The Sauce delivered.”


1. “You’ve got to pay for the big players. Ryan Matterson was expensive with a big break even when I bought him after his concussion. Same for Damien Cook, I paid $700K for him mid-way through the year.”

2. “Back your gut. I can’t tell you, the guru can’t tell you, Rob Sutherland can’t tell you, no website can tell you. Just whatever you think is going to happen, back your ability, back your gut … Your first thought is always the right thought.”

3. “Have faith in players. Zac Lomax is the perfect example. He busted out 10 a few weeks ago, but he came back with 124 and 88 in the last game. So have some faith, don’t go off one score.”

KFC SuperCoach winner Joe Naddaf and his family.Source:News Corp Australia


“Under normal circumstances I’d say holiday. Maybe up the coast or down the coast over Christmas … or maybe a spotlight and frame for my new KFC SuperCoach trophy.”

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