KFC SuperCoach NRL Round 12: Weekly winner and leaderboard analysis

The vice-captaincy loophole is a trick you will want to master in KFC SuperCoach NRL. Why? Well because it can be the difference between a good score and a $1,000 that’s why.

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Congratulations to the round 12 KFC SuperCoach NRL weekly winner Ben and his ‘Benalong Shorts’ who took the big $1,000 cash prize thanks to some canny use of the vice-captain loophole.

When Cody Walker bagged a double in the opening match of the round Ben made the most of the late withdrawal of Cowboys rookie Daejarn Asi and looped Walker’s triple-figure score.

Experienced coaches would note that Ben would have been better off using a conventional captaining Jason Taumalolo or Nathan Cleary as he then avoided copping Tabuai-Fidow’s measly 15 points. But a bird in the hand beats two in the bush and no doubt Ben felt pretty good having locked in Walker’s solid score early.

Congrats to weekly winner Benalong Short, who is $1000 richer and gets a free feed from KFC-Australia. VC loophole with Cody Walker was a masterstroke!

The top 11 KFC SuperCoaches each week win free Colonel.Source:The Daily Telegraph


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The weekly winner’s 1,481 points was just five clear of second place and only 35 points separated first from eleventh. It’s a matter of so close yet so far for RustyDustyDemons and Subgun PODs who finished in a tie for 11th place. Enjoy your free feed of KFC your lucky ‘chickens’.

The lucky eleven weekly winners of a KFC feed.Source:The Daily Telegraph


Coach Henry and ‘Big Dave’ are still clear at the top of the table, but Matthew and ‘The GOAT’ took a big chunk out of the gap between first and second narrowing the gap to just 156 points or one good captaincy choice.

Coach Andrew and ‘YeahTheDers’ scored a sensational 1,338 points to move up 15 places and be the highest placed new top-10 player.

The top of the leaderboard after 12 rounds of 2020 KFC SuperCoach NRL action.Source:The Daily Telegraph

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