NRL: A man has been banned for two years after two incidents at Stadium Australia on Easter Monday

An NRL fan has been banned from Stadium Australia for two years after becoming involved in a fight on Easter Monday at the match between Parramatta and the Wests Tigers.

A trio of supporters at Stadium Australia came to blows before security had to step in.

Vision of the fight surfaced on social media today, which shows one fan approaching a man sitting down before striking him in the face.

The two men then trade blows before another man jumps in and throws a punch.

A security guard eventually stepped in and defused the situation, but the man at the centre of the altercation then tried to evade police outside the stadium.

The NRL issued a statement on Thursday confirming the two-year ban.

“The National Rugby League (NRL) today issued a banning notice to a fan who engaged in an altercation with another patron at Monday’s Wests Tigers v Parramatta Eels match at Stadium Australia,” the statement said.

“The fan also engaged in an altercation with NSW Police after being removed from the venue.

“Under the notice, the individual will be banned from all NRL fixtures in Australia and New Zealand for a minimum of 2 years.

“The NRL has a zero tolerance approach to any fan who engages in violence or abuse at NRL games.

“The individual has been advised of his rights to respond to the banning notice.”

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