All you need to know about Saudi Crown Prince behind £300m Newcastle takeover

He is the man whom Newcastle fans hope can finally turn their club from a sleeping giant into a top-level contender.

But who exactly is Mohammed Bin Salman?

And can he transform Newcastle with his proposed £300million takeover?

Bin Salman is the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia and in that role he governs over the Public Investment Fund of Saudi Arabia, the group that intends to take an 80 per cent stake in Newcastle as part of the ambitious takeover.

If the takeover does go through and Bin Salman does obtain a majority share, he will become the fourth wealthiest owner in the Premier League.

He boasts a personal worth estimated at £7billion.

That is still some way behind Manchester City owner Sheikh Mansour (net worth £17bn) and marginally less than Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich (£9.2bn) and Arsenal owner Stan Kroenke (£8bn).

But while his own net worth is valued at around £7bn, the overall worth of the PIF group is said to be in the region of £260bn, with the Saudi ruling family among the wealthiest groups on the planet.

And while Newcastle fans must grapple with the prospect of the ruler of the most intolerant nations in the world taking over their club, for many it will be a price worth paying to be shot of controversial owner Mike Ashley.

Bin Salman, 34, fulfils a number of political roles within his country and currently counts Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defence among his titles.

In June 2017 his father, King Salman, appointed his son Crown Prince, making him next in line to the Saudi throne and the country’s day-to-day ruler.

The success of Abu Dhabi, in enhancing its global image through the vehicle of its ownership of Manchester City, is said to have persuaded Bin Salman to do the same through Newcastle, having failed with a bid to buy out the Glazers at Manchester United.

He is said to see the worlds of sports and entertainment as ways to change global perceptions of Saudi Arabia, which has an appalling record on human rights and continues to oppress women.

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