Angry Newcastle fans hurl paper planes onto pitch vs Leeds in takeover protest

Angry Newcastle fans have been seen throwing paper planes onto the pitch at St James Park as Newcastle United take on Leeds United on Friday evening.

Paper planes could be seen floating onto the pitch in protest against the Premier League.

The group ProtestNUFC Transparency For Fans are thought to be at the centre of the protests as they look for a resolution in their takeover talks.

They are protesting "against the Premier League’s lack of transparency in relation to not one, but two legal actions Mike Ashley has commenced.”

Ashley announced he had accepted a bid for the club in April 2020, but the takeover is yet to go through.

A spokesperson for ProtestNUFC said: “In our mind, Mike has already sold the club, he’s said as much, and we anticipated, correctly, that he wouldn’t invest significantly. Realistically, why would he?!

"We knew this in July when we went to London and delivered a letter to Downing Street and the PL’s headquarters.

"Unsurprisingly we’ve had no responses to either of those letters.”

"Prior to our London protest, and subsequently, Newcastle United fans have been writing to the PL, MPs and the Independent Football Ombudsman (IFO) to seek transparency and understand when we can expect a conclusion to this saga.

"The lack of a clear and realistic timeframe has meant the club and fans have been left in purgatory and the information vacuum results in a lot of disinformation and clickbait with no real information."

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Newcastle had been approached by a Saudi Arabian-funded consortium, headed up by Amanda Staveley.

Staveley said last June: “We have tried our hardest to acquire the club and we are determined to do so.

“It has been an extraordinary process.

"If we don’t get that intervention from Government and they don’t listen to what we are saying today then I fear that this process will just lapse and we will never have a fair hearing.

“We believe that this is important for Newcastle and the fans and we will never give up.”

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