Arsenal hope to agree cuts with two of three pay rebels leaving Ozil on his own

Arsenal are hoping to reach agreement with two of the remaining three pay rebels.

They are also leaving the door open for Mesut Ozil to change his mind and accept a 12.5 per cent in line with the rest of the squad.

But they are trying to convince the other two to join the other 24 players who have already accepted the terms which would effectively leave Ozil out on his own.

Mirror Sport revealed that Ozil, who is the club’s highest earner on £350,000-a-week, had turned down the pay cut but stressed he might do it in the future once the full financial impact is known.

It is believed talks are ongoing with the other two but Ozil might be a longer drawn out process although the Arsenal midfielder did face a stern backlash against his stance, although he donates huge sums to charity.

Sky pundit Gary Neville said: “The principle of not being together as a group is indefensible. You’re a team on and off the pitch.

“I wouldn’t like to be one of the three who hasn’t agreed. It will alienate and isolate them from the rest. When a group of players are voting on something, you go along with it.

“It just demonstrates the complexities of what is going on at Premier League clubs right now. Football is eating itself from the inside out.

“Most clubs, players, are not at war but they’re in a massive battle. The players don’t trust the clubs and this is just another example of it.”

Arsenal are hoping to save around £25m with the pay cut proposal but the money will be reimbursed if they qualify for the Champions League in the next two seasons and are on a £100,000 bonus for getting there.

It comes as Arsenal players are accepting of Ozil’s stance which is that he does not want to rush into cuts when the PFA have advised to only accept deferrals.

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