Best Owen jokes as fans think Love Island daughter sounds like him on punditry

Football fans have flocked to social media after clocking that Love Island star Gemma Owen sounds just like her famous dad, Michael Owen.

The 19-year-old entered the Love Island villa on Monday night and was immediately paired up with Liam Llewellyn – who apparently failed to clock that the beauty's father was the former Liverpool and Manchester United star.

But while Gemma's hopeless partner has failed to put two and two together, fans have wasted no time in clocking that Michael's daughter sounds just like the BT Sport pundit. One fan quipped: "Whenever this Gemma talks, it’s just Owen. Can’t get away from them awful commentary moments."

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Another fan tweeted: "I just can’t not hear Michael Owen talking about goal chances on BT Sport every time I hear Gemma speak," while a third fan took a swipe at Owen's analysis work, claiming: "She sounds too much like Owen, even her analysis sounds like her Dad. Stating the obvious".

Others were a touch more savage with their reactions, with one fan tweeting: "Gemma actually sounds like her dad. Just talks a whole load of s**** and is boring me to death." Another brutally claimed: "Wonder if Gemma will take after her dad and come out with some unseasoned b*****s like “if I would’ve found him attractive, I would’ve definitely thought he was good looking.”

However, there were some who saw the lighter side and poked fun at the connection. After watching Owen take part in a dare challenge, one fan joked: "Just watching Gemma Owen on Love Island and blimey, she’s a little forward. Like her dad."

Gemma set tongues wagging online after she shunned her 'partner', Liam, to lay a smacker on newcomer Davide during the dare challenge on the first show of the hit ITV2 reality show.

Liam had been slammed earlier in the night for trying to 'mansplain' football to Owen after revealing he played as a youngster – with the lad obviously completely unaware that he was talking to the daughter of a former Ballon d'Or winner.

The pair had been discussing how Liam wanted to carve out a career in sport with his degree in strength and conditioning, but the chat soon turned awkward after Liam brought up football.

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