Chelsea stars want any wage cut to go towards NHS and those in need

Chelsea stars want any wage sacrifice to go towards the NHS and those in need amid the coronavirus crisis after shelving pay-cut proposals

  • Chelsea have been among the most proactive clubs since coronavirus outbreak 
  • Owner Roman Abramovich and several players have donated to local causes
  • Amicable talks over a pay cut are ongoing between the squad and the board 
  • Destination of any wages they agree to give up is one of the ‘main points’ 
  • Here’s how to help people impacted by Covid-19

Chelsea’s players want any money they sacrifice to add to the club’s efforts to support the NHS and those in need during the coronavirus pandemic.

Chelsea remain in pay cut talks with their stars and the destination of any wages they agree to give up is one of the ‘main points’ being considered by members of Frank Lampard’s squad.

Chelsea have been among the most proactive clubs since the coronavirus outbreak with gestures and initiatives for the NHS in their local community and beyond, led by owner Roman Abramovich, and many of their stars are keen to contribute to that further.

Captain Cesar Azpilicueta is leading the players’ negotiations with the board over pay cut

With captain Cesar Azpilicueta the conduit between the Chelsea players and board, they had decided privately they were willing to agree to 10 per cent reduction in response to the club’s request for 30 per cent.

However a Chelsea source revealed the 10 per cent offer ‘was never presented to the board’ meaning no agreement was reached and leaving discussions, which are amicable between the two parties, ongoing.

As reported by Sportsmail on Monday some members of the Chelsea squad want the talks to switch from being about the club’s wish for a pay cut to a wage deferral instead.

Indeed, Sportsmail has also learned a number of Chelsea’s stars were caught out by the wage reduction talk having been initially under the impression, based on the club stance on not using the Government Job Retention Scheme and having to make any staff redundant, that no cutbacks would be required.

Chelsea players are now hoping to agree wage deferrals with the club’s hierarchy  

The hope for assurances and preference among the squad on where any money goes, mindful that any cut will hit tax contributions and what they pay towards government-funded services including the NHS, represents another obstacle that will need to be overcome.

Meanwhile Gary Neville claimed any failure to agree a deal will affect Chelsea’s transfer market plans but could push the door to the first team open further for their youngsters.

Sky Sports pundit Neville said: ‘This is only coming back one way, when it comes to June 30, Chelsea will invest less in the transfer market, they will invest less in players.

‘So if players had taken the pay cuts and deferrals, there would have been more to invest in the summer. This is coming back to players, this means young players in academies knocking on the first team door are going to have a greater opportunity. That’s the good coming out of the terrible thing that is happening at the moment.’


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