Cristiano Ronaldo: Harry Maguire ready to learn from ‘amazing’ Manchester United signing

Harry Maguire is delighted by the ‘amazing’ arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo

Harry Maguire says it hasn’t “sunk in” that he is now playing with someone he considers “the greatest player to play the game”, after Cristiano Ronaldo’s signing for Manchester United on Friday.

The England centre-half now finds himself in the unique position of being Ronaldo’s captain. Maguire insisted that both the defensive and attacking players can learn a lot off the Portuguese.

“First and foremost it’s amazing to have Cristiano join us, and come back home,” Maguire said.

“Obviously his career speaks for itself, for me the greatest player to play the game, his goalscoring record, for our players – the attacking players especially – to look up to, to learn off.

“He’s a great example, and not just the attacking players, for every player in the dressing room. I think they’ll learn so much from him. On and off the field. And yeah, like I said, we’re focused on England at the moment but it’s exciting times and we’re looking forward to meeting up with him and I’m sure the attacking boys are as well.”

Maguire was asked whether it will be surreal to captain Ronaldo.

“Obviously for him to join the club, it has happened so quickly it has probably not sunk in properly but it is amazing for the club, in general, the atmosphere he will create around the place and we can learn from him, his experience and mentality that he can bring to the squad.

“I think it is big for the fans but more importantly, it will improve us on the pitch. He is an exceptional player as you saw last season and in the Euros. It is one we are looking forward to. Exciting times.”

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