Declan Rice mocked Hungary fans by drinking from cup thrown at Raheem Sterling

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Declan Rice delighted England fans on Thursday evening by pretending to drink from one of the cups that was thrown at Raheem Sterling and his team-mates following the opening goal against Hungary

After a tense opening period, Manchester City forward Sterling found the first goal following a smart cut-back from Mason Mount – before running into the corner to celebrate.

Many of those in the stands supporting Hungary then decided to throw cups filled with drink at the 26-year-old as he paid tribute to his late friend Steffie Gregg with a message on his shirt.

As Harry Kane called the team in to celebrate as a unified group, West Ham hero Rice picked up a red cup and poured what ever was left inside it into his mouth.

With fans at home left delighted at the actions of Rice, which were sure not to please the home supporters, England went on to run out comfortable 4-0 winners.

With Kane, Harry Maguire and Rice himself getting on the scoresheet, City's Jack Grealish took a later opportunity to drink from one of the empty cups as the team enjoyed themselves on the pitch.

Although the actions of Rice were applauded, the behaviour of the Hungary fans was once again slammed as a flare entered the pitch and ITV reported news of racist chanting.

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Kane said when asked about the chants: "I didn't hear that.

"I will talk to the boys and see if they heard any of it. We will have to report it to Uefa as the rules permit. If that is the case, hopefully Uefa come down strong."

With Maguire adding: "I have spoke to a couple of lads, I did not hear them myself and if it did happen then I am disappointed.

"Three, four of us did not hear them but you guys can hear them more clearly on TV."

Former England international Karen Carney told BBC Sport: "Shocking scenes again, it is unnecessary from the fans. As soon as Raheem Sterling scored I thought 'here we go again'.

"You knew something was going to happen. It is beyond a joke now.

"The governing bodies have to be consistent and they have to group together and eradicate it. It is not on, it is not good enough.

"Disappointing but credit to the England players for being professional and getting the job done but they shouldn't have to go through that. It is a joke."

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