Denmark will allow 12,000 fans to attend Euro 2020 games in Copenhagen

Denmark will allow 12,000 fans to attend Euro 2020 games hosted at Parken Stadium in Copenhagen as country’s government insists it is a ‘very important step’ to have a ‘football party’ for this summer’s tournament

  • Denmark will welcome at least 12,000 fans for Euro 2020 games this summer
  • The country will host four games at the 38,000-capacity Parken Stadium
  • Denmark’s culture minister confirmed it would be open at 30 per cent capacity

Denmark will welcome at least 12,000 fans for any Euro 2020 matches taking place in Copenhagen, the Danish government announced on Thursday.

Denmark’s culture minister Joy Mogensen told broadcaster DR on Thursday that the Parken Stadium would be open at 30 per cent of its 38,000 capacity, adding that more fans could be allowed in if the Covid situation in the country eases.

The decision was welcomed by the country’s football association (DBU) and will see them join the likes of England in welcoming back spectators to live sporting events in the coming months.

Denmark announced they will welcome at least 12,000 fans back for the four games hosted at the Parken Stadium (pictured) in Copenhagen for this summer’s Euro 2020 

‘We are very pleased that the government is reporting back in good time with a positive signal to get fans in the stadium for the European Championship,’ DBU administrative director Jakob Jensen said in a statement.

‘It is a big and very important step to have a “football party” and to feel a sense of community at Parken and throughout Denmark this summer.

‘We hope that it will be possible to get even more fans in the stadium for the important European Championship matches, if the pandemic allows it, both to support the entire Danish men’s national team and to allow even more (people) to be part of the biggest sporting event on Danish soil ever.’

The Danes are set to meet Finland, Belgium and Russia at the Parken Stadium, which will also host one of the last-16 games in the tournament. 

Denmark’s culture minister said the stadium would open at 30 per cent of its 38,000 capacity

UEFA are keen to see the return of fans for all Euro 2020 games across Europe this summer

UEFA had previously asked the 12 host cities to let them know by early April whether or not fans would be allowed to attend games in their stadiums.

Cities such as Dublin, Glasgow and Bilbao face being cut as hosts over the lack of guarantees fans that could be allowed into stadiums by June.

The tournament, which has been delayed by a year because of the coronavirus pandemic, was originally scheduled to take place in 12 cities across 12 countries.

But talks are ongoing over changing the format, with UEFA keen to ensure that all stadiums are at least 25 per cent full despite games currently being played behind closed doors around Europe. 

UEFA are willing to take games away from cities that cannot guarantee a significant number of spectators based on an expected easing up of the pandemic by June. 

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