Depay channels inner Joe Exotic in latest music video with a liger

Lyon’s very own Tiger King! Memphis Depay channels his inner Joe Exotic as he enjoys lockdown with a liger in bizarre latest music video

  • Memphis Depay released a bizarre music video of him with a liger in his house
  • Video ‘Dubai Freestyle’ shows the Dutchman eating breakfast with the animal 
  • People were pointed out similarities with viral Netflix documentary ‘Tiger King’ 

Memphis Depay has revealed what he has been doing during lockdown in bizarre fashion after releasing a music video in which he eats breakfast with a liger.  

The mercurial Lyon midfielder latest music release ‘Dubai Freestyle’ shows him living a lavish lifestyle and begins with him walking down the stairs with a small lion-tiger-cross, in an opening scene Tiger King Joe Exotic would have been proud of.

Pet tigers and lions are a hot topic at the moment after the huge popularity of bonkers Neflix documentary ‘Tiger King’, which follows the unusual life of American zoo keeper Exotic.  

Memphis Depay has revealed a bizarre music video during lockdown involving a liger

The video ‘Dubai Freestyle’ shows Depay sitting at a table eating breakfast with an exotic cat

WARNING – The below video contains strong language.

Depay has carried on this trend as he revealed what seems to be his pet being allowed to roam his house and sit on top of the table in his apartment.

Most would be terrified at the prospect of being near these big cats, but it seems Depay is much like Exotic in being strangely familiar with them, as a cut of the animal actually eating cereal out of a bowl can also be seen in the video.

The Dutchman’s video also shows him diving into a swimming pool, driving a Rolls Royce around the desert and walking round the streets of Dubai.

Those on Twitter were quick to point out the similarities between Depay and Netlifix’s current viral star, with one user editing Exotic’s iconic mullet and hat onto the former Manchester United winger’s head. 

Depay’s video release drew similarities to Joe Exotic from viral Netflix documentary Tiger King

One Twitter user edited Exotic’s iconic mullet and hat onto Depay’s head after the video

Depay has long been known as an eccentric character and his latest video, receiving over 100,000 views so far, is one of several on his official Youtube channel.

Former team-mate Wayne Rooney once revealed that he advised Memphis to cut out his flashy behaviour after dropping to the reserves under Louis Van Gaal, but instead turned up to the game wearing a leather jacket, a cowboy hat and again driving a Rolls Royce.

Depay, like the rest of the footballing world, has found himself with an abundance of free time after the coronavirus has ground the world to a halt, though it is not known whether the video was shot before or after lockdown measures were introduced. 


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