Ex-Swansea star Gomis collapses on pitch during match in Saudi Arabia

Terrifying moment Ex-Swansea star Bafetimbi Gomis collapses on pitch during match in Saudi Arabia leaving team-mates in state of shock… but he miraculously continues to play out the rest of the match

  • Striker Bafetimbi Gomis has struggled with a condition throughout his career
  • It has caused him to collapse on the football pitch several times before 
  • Gomis collapsed 13 minutes into an Al-Hilal match but still finished the game 

Ex-Swansea striker Bafetimbi Gomis has once again been involved in a terrifying incident on the football pitch which has seen him collapse to the turf.

The striker is now playing out in Saudi Arabia with Al-Hilal, and this week left his team-mates in a state of shock after momentarily losing consciousness. 

In the aftermath of a corner just 13 minutes in, 35-year-old Gomis could be seen wandering back into the opposition area looking a little concerned, before stopping to place his hands on his hips and sliding forwards down to the ground.

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Concern spilled out among the pitch as Bafetimbi Gomis collapsed in the penalty area

The ex-Swansea man went down slowly, before sliding forwards on his face to the ground

Players quickly hurried around the striker, while medics wasted no time in speeding onto the pitch with an emergency cart. 

The player however was able to get back to his feet, and brushed off the concerns of the medics before quickly composing himself on the touchline.

Remarkably Gomis came back on to rejoin the action and played out the entirety of the game. 

Gomis has suffered with the condition throughout his career, and was seen dazed in the area

The striker dropped down to his knees, seemingly knowing what was about to come next

Gomis was quickly back on his feet talking to medics and, remarkably, finished the match

His concerning collapse was due to a vasovagal syncope, which Gomis has actually suffered with throughout his professional career. 

The events begin when a trigger causes a sudden drop in heart-rate, which dramatically lowers blood pressure and reduces blood flow to the brain, causing the sufferer to faint.

The condition can be caused by stress and extreme heat amongst other factors, though Gomis has dealt with this several times before on the field.

It is incurable, but those who suffer from vasovagal syncopes are urged to avoid any known triggers.

Gomis last suffered high profile incidences while playing for Galatasaray in 2017, and also back in 2015 when he required medical treatment following an episode against Tottenham Hotspur with Swansea.

Gomis once fainted during a Premier League game with Tottenham while at Swansea City

Taking to social media in the aftermath, Gomis quickly moved to reassure supporters of his good health and insisted it was a case of ‘more fear than harm.’ 

Gomis’ full message, via Twitter, read: ‘Thanks for your many messages. More fear than harm. We will continue to fight for Al Hilal to be Champion. 

‘Thanks again. Your lion who loves you very much.’ 

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