Fans rip into Chris Sutton for unforgivable half-and-half shirt on BT Sport

BT Sport fans were quick to rip into pundit Chris Sutton for his outfit choice on Saturday.

Sutton’s former clubs Norwich City and Blackburn Rovers took on each other in the Championship with the former striker clearly unable to choose who he wanted to win.

So he backed both and donned a half-and-half shirt, with 50 per cent of the jersey being Blackburn’s kit while the other was Norwich’s.

In truth, it looked atrocious and fans were quick to take to social media to chastise Sutton.

One simply stated: “Chris Sutton really went and wore a half n half shirt on national TV.”

While another asked: “What in the living hell is Chris Sutton wearing.”

A third was left amazed, commenting: “That Chris Sutton half and half shirt on BT score is quite something.”

With one other musing: “What on God’s green earth is Chris Sutton wearing?”

And another fan was left amused at something else: “Surely the big revelation here is Chris Sutton being able to sew?”

Sutton won the Premier League with Blackburn in 1995, staying at Ewood Park for five seasons.

He had started his career at Carrow Road and joined Blackburn after netting 25 goals in his final season with Norwich.

Sutton had one campaign at Chelsea before becoming an icon at Celtic, spending more than five seasons in the Scottish Premier League.

He hung up his boots in 2007 due to an eye injury and is now a regular on TV screens.

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