Ferdinand sends controversial message to Liverpool fans about voiding season

Rio Ferdinand has doubled down on his argument to void the Premier League season, saying "people's health is at risk."

English football chiefs suspended fixtures until April 30, with this date set to be reconsidered in a meeting next week.

The FA is determined to conclude the season at a later date than May, but Ferdinand is among the group who believe the current campaign should be cancelled with all results expunged.

Liverpool fans are among the group who do not want to see the season void, as they are just two wins away from claiming a first Premier League title.

Ferdinand has argued his opinion once more on BT Sport, claiming he'd still feel the same if it was his team on the cusp of winning the league.

"It hits home again that football is just a game. As seriously as we take it, it boils down to the fact that it is just a game," said Ferdinand.

"The bigger picture is what is going on out in society and I think that's why I was clear and very sure in my own mind that I think if it is not going to be an immediate fix in the next few weeks then the season needs to be voided and started again next season.

"A lot of people like Liverpool fans will always say 'That's because you don't want Liverpool to win the league'. Listen, if my team was in that situation I would think about people's health and the wider society rather than my own gain.

"And I think this is a situation where I'd think exactly the same no matter who is going to go up, who could potentially go down, who is going to win the league, and who is going to finish in a Champions League position.

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