Ferdinand taunts Liverpool fans with reminder Owen won title with Man Utd

Manchester United legend Rio Ferdinand has rubbed Liverpool fans up the wrong way with a Michael Owen-based taunt.

Ferdinand took to Twitter on Tuesday to respond to a tweet from Robbie Savage, who announced his new podcast, which will feature Michael Owen in the first episode.

Savage called on his followers to send questions he'll put to Owen on the show, prompting Ferdinand to seize his opportunity to poke fun at the Liverpool fans.

The former Red Devils centre-back tweeted: "How brilliant does it feel knowing he won the Premier League for Manchester United and not Liverpool?"

Ferdinand accompanied the tweet with a laughing face emoji.

The tweet understandably went down like a lead balloon among the Reds supporters, who hit back in their masses.

Ferdinand followed up his first tweet with a second, reading: "Only joking… in all seriousness! Michael Owen is unappreciated in this country!

"Was top top top!!!! I was on the bench when he burst on the International scene with that goal vs Argentina! Super Star."

Ferdinand isn't in the good books of Liverpool fans at the moment, as he has been continually calling for the Premier League season to be null and void due to the outbreak of the coronavirus.

"It hits home again that football is just a game. As seriously as we take it, it boils down to the fact that it is just a game," said Ferdinand on BT Sport.

"The bigger picture is what is going on out in society and I think that's why I was clear and very sure in my own mind that I think if it is not going to be an immediate fix in the next few weeks then the season needs to be voided and started again next season.

"A lot of people like Liverpool fans will always say 'That's because you don't want Liverpool to win the league'. Listen, if my team was in that situation I would think about people's health and the wider society rather than my own gain.

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