Footballer misses own wedding to sign for Malmo – with brother taking his place

Husbands ditching their wives for the footy is a story as old as time, but skipping your own wedding … that's a new one!

27-year-old Mohamed Buya Turay left his missus at the alter (well, sort of) to go and finalise his move to Swedish club Malmo – and as if that wasn't crazy enough, he sent his brother in his place! Talk about an impact sub.

The forward was planning to get hitched on July 21 in his native Sierra Leone, though was due in Malmo the day after for his unveiling ceremony ahead of the new season, putting him in quite the predicament.

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But rather than simply asking his new club to postpone his arrival, Turay decided to pull the old groom switcheroo instead, with his faithful brother standing in as his body double.

Speaking to Swedish outlet Afton Bladet, he explained the bonkers story: "We got married on July 21 in Sierra Leone. But I wasn't there because Malmo asked me to come here earlier.

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"We took the pictures in advance. So it looks like I was there but I wasn't. My brother had to represent me at the wedding itself."

Turay revealed that that he still hasn't seen his wife since his brother 'married' her, though insisted she was on her way to come and live with him in Sweden.

Here's hoping his brother hasn't filled in for him on the honeymoon, eh?


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