Gary Lineker has showdown with elderly woman after she found his phone in park

Gary Lineker has told of his showdown with an “elderly woman” after the Match of the Day host lost his mobile phone.

Lineker explained on Twitter how he had returned home having popped out for some shopping and lunch and discovered he did not have his phone.

And, with the help of a handyman, he managed to locate where it was though the former England and Leicester star was not getting it back easily.

Posting a series of tweets, Lineker wrote: “So this happened today: went to the shops. Bought a sandwich and sat on a bench in the sun on the way home.

“Got home, emptied the shopping bag and then couldn’t find my phone. Ran back to the bench as must have left it there. No sign of it, so went back to the shop. Not there.

“Returned home. Had a chap here fixing my telly. He called my number twice. On the 2nd call it was picked up but whoever it was wouldn’t speak and hung up. Kept ringing to no avail.

“My telly guy asked me if I had ‘find my iphone’. I had no idea but got my iPad to investigate.

“Seems somehow I had got it and with Apple ID and password, lo and behold, there was a map saying my phone was about 100 yards from the house. We went in search.

“There was an elderly woman sat on a bench (different bench to where I left it) in the vicinity of where the phone was.”

Though that wasn’t the end of the story, as Lineker added: “Asked her but she offered no reply.

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  • “Then my telly hero suggested we press ‘play sound’. Suddenly there was a chime, and another, and another….coming from inside the woman’s handbag.

    “‘Oh you’re looking for this phone?’ ‘Erm…yes we are’. I’m tweeting this from phone. Woohoo.”

    Lineker went on to joke that he would put the TV man in his will, while he would leave his phone in the woman’s will as “she seemed so keen on it”.

    And in another technological gaffe, Lineker deleted the original story only to rewrite the tale in full.

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