Gary Lineker opens up on severity of his arthritis as he gives up playing golf

Gary Lineker has revealed he has been forced to stop playing golf due to a chronic arthritis problem.

Lineker, 59, is a regular visitor to the Berkshire Sunningdale golf club, and has also presented on various tournaments for the BBC.

But in an interview on the Rain Delay podcast the Match of the Day host spoke candidly about how arthritis has led to him having to hang up his clubs.

"I don't play any more because actually my fingers are so arthritic I can't even hold a club," Lineker said. "I don't play but I have kept that membership."

When asked if he would ever take part in the sport again in the future, he replied: "Only watching. I had to work very hard at it. I loved golf."

Lineker also admitted he would regularly lose his temper playing the sport, and that his competitive nature would often take over.

"If I do something I want to do it as well as I can," he continued. "It used to frustrate me though so much, golf.

"My golf was a bit like my football, I always felt. I was hopeless from long range but once I got close in I was quite good. It's a great game, golf, but I found it hugely frustrating.

"There have been so many times I would walk off a golf course and think, 'God, you behaved like a bit of a prat today, get a grip'."

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