Gary Lineker’s damning assessment of Spotify CEO’s proposed Arsenal takeover

Gary Lineker says he is not convinced that Spotify CEO Daniel Ek would do a better job than Stan Kroenke in running Arsenal amid rumours he is preparing a takeover bid.

The Swedish billionaire expressed his interest in buying the Gunners last week as supporters of the club protested against the ownership of Kroenke following his failed attempt to take them into the European Super League.

And there have been reports that Ek has been joined by Invincibles legends Thierry Henry, Dennis Bergkamp and Patrick Vieira as they line up an eye-watering offer for Kroenke.

An Arsenal supporter account shared a tweet about Ek on Tuesday morning which proclaims that he is a huge supporter of the team and watches every game, and posted: "This is the kind of guy we want running our club."

Lineker, however, was not so convinced, and replied: "This is a big part of the problem. Fans want these billionaires to buy their clubs….just hoping for better billionaires than the ones they already have."

One fan responded by claiming that Lineker had misunderstood the original tweet, and seemed positive that Ek would pile more money into the club due to his professed love for the Gunners.

But Lineker argued back: "You’re proving the point by already looking for any positive. I’m sure all these owners want the team to do well. This one has not exactly been generous to musicians, but I’m sure he’d be different with footballers and your club. If it happens, I hope it works for you….but."

Although Ek's interest does appear to be genuine, at this stage it still seems highly unlikely that Kroenke would sell Arsenal unless it was an offer he was unable to refuse.

Kroenke's son Josh recently promised fans more meetings, more fan engagement and is involved in the day-to-day running and decisions at the club. His father also owns NFL side the Los Angeles Rams and NBA team the Denver Nuggets.

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