Gianfranco Zola drops strong swear word on live TV leaving pundits creasing

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BT Sport were forced to an issue an apology after Gianfranco Zola swore live on air ahead of West Ham United's tie against Chelsea on Saturday.

The Italian appeared alongside Joe Cole and Rio Ferdinand as a guest pundit at the Olympic Stadium and turned the air blue just minutes into the broadcast.

After watching a montage of some of Zola's greatest ever goals, Ferdinand said: "None of that was accidental.

"It's only listening to people like Joe and Frank [Lampard] who went to Chelsea and played alongside him [Zola]…

"They used to speak about your work ethic and your practice. This wasn't an accident was it?"

Zola replied: "No no, absolutely not!

"It didn't come naturally. That's why when people tell me it was natural… Sorry, forgive me the word… it's bulls***."

"Forgive me that's a very strong word."

While Ferdinand and Cole saw the runny side, host Jake Humphries was forced to step in and apologies to viewers for the bad language.

"That is a very strong word for this time of the morning, apologies if you didn't like the use of the word," he said.

"Forgive me," Zola added.

Who is a bigger Chelsea icon: Gianfranco Zola or Eden Hazard? Let us know what you think in the comments section below…

After the moment had passed, the Chelsea legend clarified his earlier point.

"What I want to say, is everything is down to work and I used to spend at least one hour and 15 minutes every week on these fundamentals.

"And only by doing that I could get good stats.

"It's not just about scoring one every now and then. You need to know that if you get three free-kicks in a football match, you need to convert one.

"And that one you convert is what can make you lose or win a game."

Zola is one of the most idolised players in Chelsea's history. He endeared himself to fans with his trickery on the pitch and his down-to-earth humility off it.

He netted 80 goals in 311 appearances for the Blues before leaving for his native Cagliari in 2003.

After retiring as a player, the Italian went on to manage West Ham, before spells in charge of Watford and most recently Birmingham City.

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