Henry embarrassed Belgium star so much he left training, says Lukaku

Thierry Henry once embarrassed a member of the Belgium international squad so much in training that the player left the session, according to Romelu Lukaku.

The former Arsenal and Barcelona legend was on Roberto Martinez' backroom coaching team for the 2018 World Cup, and would often work closely with Lukaku and the other strikers.

As far as mentors go, World Cup winner and prolific Premier League marksman Henry takes some beating.

And Lukaku recalled a moment during training where the retired Henry proved too good even for one of his Belgium teammates.

The pair used some of their free time to catch up over video link on Puma's Instagram page.

Lukaku said to his old coach: "‘I think, in the national team when you were there, I think for us the strikers we had maybe the best time we could ever had, because the competition was there.

"Everyone played at a high level, thanks to you. We constantly wanted to do better, outdo each other.

"And even you were joining in the competition! That was the funny part. You may have been retired, but it was not visible at times."

Henry admitted he sometimes could not resist the urge to show off his talents, and it's clear they had not waned during retirement.

Lukaku added: "I remember when my brother came and he was like you did this skill in training but I’m not going to say any names but the player left the pitch.

"‘No don’t!" Henry replied.

Lukaku continued: "Jordan [his brother and teammate] came to me and he said, 'Rom! I’ve seen some s*** today! Damn!' He was like, 'Damn man, that s*** was crazy!'"

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