Klopp launches attack on Neville in emotional response to Liverpool backlash

Jurgen Klopp has hit back after Gary Neville said he is "disgusted" at Liverpool for abandoning their 'You'll Never Walk Alone' mantra by signing up for the European Super League.

Neville made the comments on Sunday during a withering criticism of Liverpool and Manchester United for signing up to the elitist breakaway competition.

The Old Trafford legend apologised for his remarks on Monday, insisting he was not "point scoring" and that he was merely pointing out the two clubs "should have high standards of integrity".

But Klopp is unlikely to have seen Neville say sorry before leading his side to a 1-1 draw with Leeds, and hit back at the pundit after the match.

“I don’t think we deserve that to be honest, as a team. I don’t like the way a lot of people are now talking about Liverpool, this football club,” Klopp told Sky Sports .

“It’s a fantastic football club with millions of supporters. They might not like the things that have come up now, but in this specific moment we cannot blame the team.

“I take the criticism for everything. I take it if we don’t play well, I feel responsible for these kinds of things and the players feel the same.

“But this we have nothing to do with to be honest, and now people write articles about what they should do with us as a club.

Was Neville wrong to include 'You'll Never Walk Alone' in his criticism of Liverpool? Have your say in the comments.

“When we came here, the supporters were shouting at us. When we had a walk today, people were shouting at us in the city.

“You have to be a little bit careful, we are people as well and we know since yesterday just like you. It’s an emotional situation.

“Gary Neville talks about ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’, that should be forbidden to be honest. We have a lot of rights to sing that anthem and it’s our anthem, not his anthem. He doesn’t understand it anyway so I really don’t want these things because it’s not fair.

“All the talk is around and I don’t like it as well, but I don’t talk about other clubs like this. We can be emotional but I wish Gary Neville would be in a hot seat somewhere, not where the most money is.

“Whether it’s at Man United where the most money is, Sky where the most money is. Don’t forget that we have nothing to do with it.

“We are in the same situation as you all, we got information and we still had to play football and you deal with us already like this. That’s really not OK.”

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