KSI scores ‘worst own goal in history’ as he rolls ball over the line as keeper

KSI was left with egg on his face after scoring a hilarious own goal during the Sidemen vs YouTube All-Stars match.

The YouTuber-turned-boxer, who was in goal for the Sidemen, pulled off some impressive saves during the annual charity match, which was attended by more than 60,000 fans at West Ham’s London Stadium. He also saved the weakest of penalties from the YouTube side’s IShowSpeed.

However, KSI completely blotted his copybook during the second half by letting the tamest of crosses hit him and bounced towards goal – possibly the second most embarrassing moment of the afternoon.

He tried to recover but as he grabbed the ball he managed to roll over and take it just over the line. The goal was allowed to stand, leaving KSI furious. He sprinted over to the touchline to complain to the linesman, screaming ‘are you mad’ while official struggled to keep a straight face.

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The incident left the millions of watching fans in hysterics. One laughed: “KSI just rolled with the ball into the goal to score an own goal.”

Another said: KSI rolled the ball into his own goal, oh my days!” A third added: “KSI saved the shot and rolled on the pitch to cross his own goal line [laughing face emojis].

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Another quipped: “KSI rolling as keeper into his own goal with the ball in his hands has to be number one moment in Sidemen Charity match history."

Some fans jumped to his defence, comparing the standard of the match to that of the MLS, where Lionel Messi now plies his trade.

One said: “People can make fun of KSI all they want, but honestly what is the difference between this and some of the MLS keepers that Messi scores against?”

KSI was smiling at full-time though as the Sidemen triumphed 8-5.

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