Lauren recalls furious bust-up with Henry – resulting in a smashed mirror

Former Arsenal defender Lauren has recalled a furious dressing-room bust-up with Arsenal teammate Thierry Henry which resulted in a smashed mirror.

Lauren lost his temper with his legendary Gunners pal during a Champions League clash against Deportivo La Coruna in 2001.

The full-back played a ball over the top for Henry to chase during the first half, but the Frenchman wanted it to feet.

Henry threw his arms into the air in a show of frustration, something which irked Lauren to the extent that he called out the striker in the dressing room.

He told the Athletic: “I said to myself, ‘What are you doing that for?' I thought, ‘This guy doesn’t know me.’ I’m very quiet and humble but if you switch the wrong button I don’t mind to face anyone. I just went mad.

“I waited for everyone to come inside the dressing room and when Thierry came in I took this bottle and threw it at him and it smashed the mirror. I nearly broke the dressing room.

"I wanted to smash him but I didn’t do it because we wouldn’t win without Thierry of course.

“I was screaming at everyone to shut up. It was hushed in there, like a cemetery. Everyone was surprised. ‘Why is this guy doing this to Thierry Henry?!’ We were all competitive players with ambition.”

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