Le Tissier claims he received angry Carragher call and shades Lineker

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Matt Le Tissier has taken aim at Jamie Carragher and Gary Lineker in a series of fresh attacks by the former Soccer Saturday pundit. The former Southampton attacker revealed he had received an angry phone call from Carragher after implying the Liverpool icon had been fortunate to keep his Sky Sports job.

Le Tissier explained that he had referenced Carragher’s infamous suspension by the broadcaster in 2018. The former defender was filmed spitting out of his car window and in the direction of a child after being taunted by a Manchester United fan. 

Carragher was sidelined by Sky for the remainder of that season but has shown genuine remorse over the incident. 

“I don’t think I’ve told anybody this, but I got a phone call about six weeks ago from Jamie Carragher, because I dared to mention that he kept his job after spitting at a child,” Le Tissier, who was let go by Sky two years later, said. 

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“He wasn’t very happy about that so he rang me up and then spent a good 10 minutes of spitting bile down the telephone at me. He was absolutely fuming.

“He said I’d embarrassed him and his family by bringing it up. At which point I went, ‘Jamie, I think the fact that you spat [at the girl] is probably more embarrassing, so you need to own what you did, and if somebody talks about it, tough. Because you did it’.”

Le Tissier, whose strong views on COVID-19, vaccines and the Ukraine war have courted controversy, went on to sarcastically applaud BBC presenter Lineker as a “very special human being” who has “never done any wrong in his life”.

The pair have previously exchanged blows on social media. On one occasion, Le Tissier had argued that the government’s response to COVID-19 differed from its response to influenza, to which Lineker responded: “Yeah Matt, why didn’t someone come up with a flu vaccine?”

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Le Tissier, who was speaking to Alan Brazil and Ray Parlour on their Pub Talk YouTube chat show, said: “Gary was one of those blue ticks that I was talking about earlier that like to jump on anything I say. But you know, Gary’s a very special human being, he’s never done any wrong in his life.”

The Saints icon continued: “[Our row was over] opinions, he’s on the leftist side of left on the political spectrum, and I’m more in the middle, and maybe veer slightly towards the right, although there’s some things on the left that I’d agree with.”

It comes several weeks after Le Tissier slammed England manager Gareth Southgate as “woke” for not bringing him into the World Cup coaching set-up. The 54-year-old had offered his services as a penalty-taking expert but his proposal was ignored. 

After GBNews host Nigel Farage revealed his surprise over the situation, Le Tissier bizarrely bemoaned: there were probably other managers that may have been more likely to listen than the woke Mr Southgate.”

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