Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp gives opinion on Premier League title race

Jurgen Klopp believes the rollercoaster Premier League season could be good for business.

A clutch of clubs are currently fighting it out at the top of the table in what is proving to be the most widely contested title race in years.

And after a period when teams like Liverpool and Manchester City have set new standards in terms of collecting points, Kop boss Klopp reckons the campaign could be in for an exciting climax.

Klopp said: “Man United once won it with 75 points – so will this be the most exciting run-in with different teams? It could be.

“City could run away with it now because they are in a good position with a game in hand and are playing good football.

“But will it be the lowest points? I don’t know how many points are out there to get. We’ll see as well.

“What we are seeing is that it is a difficult season for all teams, maybe apart from West Ham, while Leicester looks pretty good as well.

“A lot of teams look good but we all have our ups and downs during the season.

“For sure, it is a year where you need to be lucky with injuries to be really on top of things, more so than in other years because of the intensity and because of the amount of games in a specific period.

“But I can imagine looking from outside it is really exciting, especially for the neutral fan.

“I don’t know who will be champion. If we cannot be champions, then that (an exciting title race) is the best news we can get.

“It is very exciting that a lot of teams are in and some clubs are doing exceptionally well. But nobody knows.”

Liverpool face West Ham at the London Stadium on Sunday with their own challenge back on track after a 3-1 victory over Tottenham in the capital on Thursday.

He is full of admiration for the job that David Moyes is doing with the Hammers after spending the last seven years rebuilding his reputation following an ill-fated spell in charge of Manchester United.

West Ham are challenging strongly for a top-six finish after being given time to build a team in the same way he once did at Everton.

Klopp, too, knows how important it is for a manager to be given space to work.

The German revealed why he chose Liverpool in October 2015 just a few months after leaving Borussia Dortmund.

Klopp said: “Obviously I liked this club a lot – because it is a club everybody knows.

“It is easy for people to like Liverpool, especially from abroad.

“I’m not sure about English people. They have a lot of reasons not to like us, I think.

“But from abroad it is really easy to like Liverpool – and I saw the team and liked it.

“I was ready to take a job again. That surprised me, to be honest, because I had been out of the game for four months.

“I was really happy that Liverpool came around the corner, but you can never know enough about a club before you come in.

“That’s why I say I have been really lucky with Liverpool and Dortmund – and Mainz was my club anyway and I knew the people there.

“Dortmund was not famous for sticking very long with specific coaches.

“If you didn’t deliver, they were always quite busy with changing things.

“At Liverpool, I didn’t think about how many managers they’d had in the last few years.

“I was just happy about the call and I was ready to take the job.”

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