Mahrez and Benrahma forced to ditch blond hair by fuming international boss

Riyad Mahrez and Said Benrahma have been forced to ditch their blond hair for international duty by Algeria manager Djamel Belmadi.

The Manchester City and West Ham attackers respectively were both sporting the bleached look for the start of the Premier League season.

Phil Foden popularised it this summer but Mahrez had previously donned it during his time at Leicester City, and Benrahma also had the cut during his Brentford days.

But now both have been seen back to their natural black hair colour in several images, reportedly at the request of their national team manager who has done the same in the past.

Belmadi, who one or two City fans might remember from a very brief loan spell in 2003, is not at all a fan of the dyed look.

According to Dzair Daily, the former Marseille and Southampton player wants his players to "sport a respectable style without frills" and "a look that reflects the traditions and customs of Algerian society".

In pictures from Algeria's training sessions Mahrez and Benrahma can be seen fitting in with the rest of the squad who all have dark hair.

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It seems the pair may have made the change in anticipation of their manager's reaction, as they've seen him clamp down on it previously.

In 2018 their teammate Ilias Hassani turned up to the training ground with blonde locks. Belmadi demanded he get his hair changed.

The defender returned to training the next day with black hair and was allowed to take part.

One person reacted on Twitter: "Not Mahrez and Benrahma changing their hair colour back to black lmaooo. Guess Belmadi is THAT strict."

"Lol belmadi told mahrez and benrahma to get their hair fixed or they’re not playing," another said.

Both now are in line to start the World Cup qualifiers against Djibouti and Burkina Faso during the international break.

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