Man United fan Rachel Riley blasts the club over Antony allegations

Man United fan Rachel Riley blasts the club over multiple abuse allegations against Antony amid claims the Brazilian attacked a woman in May 2022 – three months BEFORE the Red Devils signed him for £85.5m

  • Rachel Riley has previously been critical of the club’s ‘due diligence’ on transfers
  • Antony is facing fresh allegations of violent behaviour from two women
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Rachel Riley has once again taken to social media to voice her concerns over Manchester United’s ‘due diligence’ when it comes to signing players. 

Antony – signed for £85.5million from Ajax in September 2022 – is currently being investigated by Manchester Police over allegations of assaulting his ex-girlfriend Gabriela Cavallin four times. Antony has denied the allegations.

However, the Brazilian was later hit with fresh allegations of violent behaviour from two women in his home country, from law student Rayssa de Freitas and Ingrid Lana, a 33-year-old banker.

A report from Brazilian outlet Jornal Extra alleged that De Freitas was assaulted in May 2022, with a police report filed in Sao Paulo and witnessed by a motorcyclist who was behind Antony’s car, where the attack is claimed to have taken place. 

Countdown co-host and United fan Riley has since hit out at the Premier League giants, given that the report was filed nearly four months before they signed the player from Ajax last summer.

Antony is being investigated after allegations of abuse from ex-girlfriend Gabriela Cavallin

Cavallin alleges that Antony left her with a damaged breast implant, a cut to the head and a broken finger

Rachel Riley has been outspoken in her opposition to the club’s ‘due diligence’ on multiple occasions in recent days

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‘United bought Antony in September 2022,’ she wrote on social media.

‘He’d already been reported to the police for violence against a woman in May 2022. Great due diligence. Great way to spend £86m. Great ambassador for the club.’

De Freitas claims that she needed hospital treatment following an incident in May of last year when she was attacked by Antony and Mallu Ohana – the ex-wife of Brazil player Dudu – in Antony’s Land Rover after the three left a Sao Paulo nightclub. 

After the attack, Antony allegedly stopped at a traffic light, which is when De Freitas escaped the vehicle and ran to a nearby police station to file a report, with a witness on hand to take down the licence plate of the vehicle. 

Initially being taken to a municipal hospital, the Jornal Extra report continues to describe how she was then forced to go to a second hospital for an ophthalmologist exam.

Lana alleged in an interview with Record TV in Brazil that Antony was aggressive towards her in October. 

She said: ‘He tried to have sex with me and I didn’t want to. He pushed me against the wall and I hit my head.’

Riley has previously spoken out against United in recent days, calling for domestic abuse experts to be involved in recruitment, with the allegations facing Antony emerging after Mason Greenwood’s return to professional football in Spain.

The DJ and influencer Cavallin has made several allegations against the Brazilian star

Cavallin, a DJ and influencer, filed a police report in Brazil in June and then spoke out on TV

Cavallin also claims that the club despatched a player support officer to the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Manchester where it’s alleged that Antony assaulted his then girlfriend on January 15.

She says that the 23-year-old headbutted her and then caused one of her breast implants to become dislodged by throwing her forcefully onto the bed and falling on top of her. She claims to have needed reconstructive surgery and also suffered a cut to her head.

United described any suggestion of a cover-up as ‘categorically false’ on Wednesday night. 

Cavallin’s legal team allege that the support officer tried to conceal the attack by calling a club doctor to assess her so that she would not go to a hospital and arouse any suspicion.

Reports in Brazil on Wednesday claimed that they have asked Sao Paulo Police to investigate the support officer’s role in the incident, and lawyers have also requested CCTV footage from the hotel.

United confirmed on Wednesday night that a member of staff arranged for a private doctor to visit Cavallin at Antony’s request, but denied that she was treated by any of the club’s medical staff. 

It’s understood to be common for United’s welfare team to arrange for doctors to see partners and family members of players.

United did at last release a statement earlier this week amid mounting pressure to act on the domestic abuse allegations. 

Man United have been accused of covering up £85m star Antony’s alleged incidents of assault

Cavallin said she needed stitches to her breast after Antony allegedly injured her

Antony is alleged to have contacted members of the club and doctors after an alleged violent incident in January 2023. United have insisted Cavallin’s claims are ‘categorically false’

‘Manchester United acknowledges the allegations made against Antony and notes that the Police are conducting enquiries,’ a club statement read. 

‘Pending further information, the club will be making no further comments.

‘As a club, we are taking this matter seriously, with consideration of the impact of these allegations and subsequent reporting will have on survivors of abuse.’

With no mention of an impending suspension, Antony is seemingly set to continue playing for the club.


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