Man Utd hotshot Pellistri almost missed transfer deadline over "baby" signature

Manchester United ace Facundo Pellistri almost missed the transfer deadline due to his "baby" signature when he joined the club last year.

Pellistri joined United on deadline day last summer in a £7million deal from Uruguayan side Penarol after being impressed by the then 18-year-old's performances in his homeland.

However, Pellistri has now revealed that the deal almost fell through as the deadline approached due to issues regarding the signatures he had used on his registration documents.

He told The Athletic that he had changed his signature after moving into the first team at Penarol, but that his registration forms with the national FA had the old signature still.

When asked about what it was like moving to a new continent on deadline day, Pellistri responded: “Stressful! My transfer went through 10 minutes before the deadline.

"I left the training ground and signed a contract; I did that via a Facetime call from a lawyer.

"I signed all the papers – and there were lots, in English and Spanish — but then, when I thought everything had been done, I got a call from United to say that my signature was wrong: My signature on the file with the Uruguayan Football Association was my old signature, the one I had used as a child."

Pellistri went on to explain that he had changed his signature after being mocked by his team-mates after moving into the first team at Penarol.

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"When I got into the first team at Penarol, my team-mates had made fun of me because my signature was like a baby’s," he explained.

"They told me to improve my signature, so I changed from the baby one to a more grown-up one. But my baby one – which was like F.A.C.U.N.D.O P.E.L.L.I.S.T.R.I. – was still on the official forms, so I had to sign all the forms again, with the baby signature.

"All the documents had to be reprinted and signed again. We had to wait a long time for confirmation. United had to ask for an hour as an extension to the deadline."

After joining United, Pellistri made eight appearances for the club's under-23 team side last season, in which he scored three goals, before joining Spanish side Alaves on loan in January.

His loan in Spain has been extended to the end of this season and he has so far made 19 appearances for Alaves, appearing in all of their seven matches so far this season.

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