Man Utd stock price plummets as Ed Woodward steps down from club

The stock price of Manchester United plummeted on Tuesday evening as executive vice-chairman Ed Woodward stepped down from his role amid confusion over their European Super League plans.

Manchester City and Chelsea led the way in stepping down from the breakaway league after intense pressure from not only their own supporters but from rival Premier League clubs.

Woodward, who stepped down from his role at UEFA earlier this week, will leave the Red Devils at the end of the calendar year – which was confirmed by the club during the evening.

Those factors combined look to have had a bearing on the stock price of the club, with uncertainty continuing to grow, and figures returning to the levels there were before the initial announcement.

Gary Neville has been a leading figure in criticising the Super League, and he posted an image of himself on Instagram toasting the breaking news with a glass of wine.

He had said earlier in the week: “Seriously, how can you even think about coming to watch a Super League game here when you’ve left 14 clubs in the Premier League behind?

“The Championship clubs are dead, your EFL, League One and League Two clubs are dead. The National League, the pyramid system that you’ve fought for, for 150 years, is gone because of six clubs.

“Absolutely embarrassing. It’s never going to happen. Let them break away but honestly, punish them straight away. Just punish them.

“If they announce a letter of intent has been signed by six clubs then they should be punished heavily. Massive fines, points deductions, take the titles off them, who cares?

“Give the title to Burnley, Fulham. Let Fulham stay up and relegate United, Liverpool and Arsenal. Those three clubs, to be fair, are the history of this country.

"They’re the ones that should suffer most.”

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