Man Utd told how risking Maguire could cost them big in Europa League final

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Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has been told not to risk playing Harry Maguire in the Europa League final.

The Red Devils take on Villarreal in Gdansk on Wednesday night in the hope of becoming European champions.

Solskjaer is faced with a conundrum in defence though, with key man and captain Maguire currently struggling with an ankle injury.

The England international has been seen on crutches while in Poland, and has not yet trained with the travelling squad.

United have struggled at the back without Maguire, losing 4-2 to Liverpool and drawing at home with Fulham, though they did beat Wolves on the final day of the season.

And having seen the situation play out, former Old Trafford striker Dimitar Berbatov doesn't think it is worth risking Maguire if he is not fully fit as Villarreal could exploit any weaknesses he has.

"Harry Maguire has been included in the squad but for me they don't need to risk him. I saw him in crutches a few days ago," Berbatov told Betfair.

"It depends on Ole if he is confident and Maguire is the captain. But I don't think they should risk it.

"He is the captain and a major figure. He can go to the manager and say that he feels OK. I can lead the team and say all of that.

"You will try to convince the manager even though you know deep down that you are not ready. You want to be part of games like this.

"It takes courage to admit you are not ready and that you would be the weak link in your team. He will try to convince the manager to play him and then it is up to Ole to decide whether he wants to do it.

"A central defender is a leading role in the team and if he is not 100%, Villareal will try to exploit it.

"I'm going with United as long as they ensure they don't take unnecessary risks. They don't need to play Maguire if he is still feeling the effects of his injury.

"United also need to play the ball well in the attacking third. United have the speed, class and talent to win either 2-1 or 2-0."

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