Micah Richards puts himself as Sky Sports' HARDEST pundit

The Sky Sports ‘HARD MAN’ rankings: Micah Richards puts himself top of the charts and Roy Keane at No 2… but ‘weasel’ Gary Neville is softest as Jamie Redknapp says Graeme Souness would ‘ruin him’!

  • Micah Richards bravely chose to rate the toughness of fellow Sky Sports pundits 
  • ‘Weasel’ Gary Neville came last in the rankings, with Richards standing at No 1
  • Roy Keane, who has hit it off alongside Richards, was ranked in second place 

Micah Richards could be met with some scalding glances when he returns to Sky Sports’ studios after ranking the toughness of his colleagues.

Richards is a panelist on Sky show ‘A League of their Own’ on Thursday night and after it emerged he has been boxing training in his spare time the question was asked who he believes is the toughest pundit at Sky.

Jamie Redknapp, another Sky Sports pundit, also features on the ‘A League of their Own’ episode and he was less-than-impressed with Richards’ rankings.

Micah Richards (right) ranked the toughness of his Sky colleagues, including Roy Keane (left)

Gary Neville (left) was described as a ‘weasel’ and came bottom of the toughness charts

Roy Keane, a notorious hardman in his playing days at Manchester United, was surprisingly not the man crowned at top spot. But it was one of Keane’s old team-mates that was labelled a ‘weasel’ to finish bottom of the pile.

Former Manchester City and England defender Richards, 33, originally said, as per the Sun: ‘Well Souey (Graeme Souness) would be bottom because he’s the oldest.’

Redknapp leapt to the defence of the 68-year-old former Liverpool player and manager and insisted he is in fact very tough despite his age.

He said: ‘I don’t agree with you… Souey would ruin Gary Neville. Souey can fight, Souey is tough.’

Graeme Souness (left) was originally bottom but Jamie Redknapp (right) defended the 68-year-old and said he was to be considered tougher than Neville among Sky Sports’ pundits



1. Micah Richards

2. Roy Keane

3. Jamie Carragher

4. Jamie Redknapp

5. Graeme Souness

6. Gary Neville 

That sparked laughter in the audience and Richards conceded that he had been hasty in putting Souness at the bottom of the rankings.

Souness and Richards clashed on screen last month when they became embroiled in a heated discussion about Paul Pogba and Harry Kane after Tottenham beat Manchester City 1-0.

While disagreeing on Pogba’s contribution to debates regarding his Manchester United future, the pair raised their voices, gesticulated passionately to defend their standpoint and talked over each other.

Souness turned his back on the camera to calm himself down, and when the debate continued abruptly asked presenter Dave Jones, who was struggling to keep control, to move on and talk about something else.

The fiery Scot is never scared to give his opinion and Richards conceded Redknapp was right, leading him to agree that ‘weasel’ Neville should be classed as the softest.

Richards said: ‘Yes, of course! Gary Neville the weasel. Of course it’s Gary Neville.

‘Gary Neville: sixth. Souey fifth. Jamie fourth.’

Richards (left) has become a key part of Sky’s punditry coverage and he bravely ranked himself at No 1 as the toughest of all, with Neville (back) the softest and Keane (right) in at No 2

Redknapp was furious to be placed below Jamie Carragher, who came third in Richards’ rankings, but the ex-Man City defender was not to be swayed this time by his colleague.

Keane, who has struck something of a bromance up with Richards since becoming a pundit on Sky Sports, was put at No 2 while Richards backed himself as the hardest by slotting in at No 1.

A League Of Their Own airs at 9pm on Thursdays on Sky Max and NOW 

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