Newcastle manager Steve Bruce wants social media BANNED

Steve Bruce wants to see social media BANNED as he ‘doesn’t see any benefit of it’ as Newcastle manager backs moves by British clubs Rangers, Swansea and Birmingham to boycott their online channels

  • Steve Bruce does not see any benefit of social media and wants it banned 
  • The Newcastle boss does not have any accounts but has received online abuse
  • Bruce has backed moves by certain clubs to undergo an online boycott this week
  • Rangers, Swansea and Birmingham said they will not post content in protest

Steve Bruce says he would ban all social media and does not see any benefits to it.

The Newcastle boss does not have any accounts but revealed earlier this season that he had received death threats online.

And, in light of several clubs announcing a boycott of social platforms in response to abuse and discrimination, Bruce said: ‘I’m right behind the actions they have taken, I applaud those clubs.

Newcastle manager Steve Bruce wants to ban social media as he doesn’t ‘see any benefit’ of it

The Magpies manager does not have any social media accounts but has received online abuse

‘The abuse that that I’ve taken on social media… for me, it’s a scourge, we should ban it all. I don’t see any benefit. Ban the whole lot as far as I’m concerned. No social media, for me, would be the way forward.’

Thierry Henry is leading a campaign for social-media bosses to make users more accountable for their posts.

He told Sportsmail last weekend that a weekend boycott would send a ‘very powerful’ message, and clubs such as Rangers, Swansea and Birmingham have since revealed plans to do so.

Thierry Henry said that a weekend boycott on social media by football clubs would be powerful

Henry wants all users to be verified by way of official documentation, and Bruce added: ‘It’s about time people are accountable, like with your phone. I do think the platforms should be policed better.

‘Some of it, and I’ve seen it, is vile. If you’re vulnerable, and people are abusing you… young people of today are constantly reading it and getting abused. If you’re a little bit fragile then it can damage people.

‘My son came off because of the abuse he was getting and my daughter has done the same. It’s not right.’

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